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    Why Using A Buyer’s Agent is Beneficial

    Why using a Buyer Agent is Beneficial:

    Using a buyer agent when purchasing real estate is very valuable for many reasons. For starters – they are working in your best interest, to find you the best home and get the best possible price. They have no interest in forcing you to buy; their only concern is if you are happy with the home you end up with and had a good experience.

    Buyer agents can gain insider information from a seller agent that an unrepresented buyer may not know to ask or be able to receive accurate information and transparency from the seller agent as they are biased towards their client and working in the sellers best interest, not the buyers.

    Real estate professionals spend their time focusing on finding you a home that best fits your needs and criteria and watching the market. They have an in depth view of the current market conditions and are able to instantly tell if a home is a good fit and a good price. A buyer agent can further educate and help the buyer on a good purchase price as well as a good team to get them through the home buying process (lawyers, mortgage brokers, inspectors, insurance, contractors for any repairs, etc.).

    Having a great team is as important as finding the perfect home, it can make all the difference. Some lawyers and inspectors out there are not as informed or professional and having worked with many over the years a good buyers agent will have an outstanding inspector to ease any concerns on your future purchase as well as a lawyer to make sure the deal goes smoothly and there are no issues in closing on the home in a timely manner.

    Many misconceptions of using a buyer agent include having to pay the agent, being able to get a better deal without an agent, and not being pushed in to a decision. However, these are not true. A buyer never has to pay a buyer agent commission – the seller always pays this commission. A buyer agent can still get you a better deal as they fight for you and your interest more than going directly to the seller agent who is only working in the interest of the seller. And lastly, a good buyer agent will never force you to buy a home as they are looking for a long lasting and happy relationship between them and their clients. If you have any other questions on how buyer agents work, please feel free to send us an email or give us a call at the Walker Residential Team as we’re more than happy to be a resource for your real estate needs and any questions you may have.

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